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In the early spring of 1974, the author, a longhaired hippie, leaves his comfortable lifestyle and sets out with two friends on bicycles to discover and experience the natural history of the United States first hand.  The route is more circuitous than direct, totaling a staggering 5420 miles.  They spend only half the time in the saddle, the other half in hiking boots, riding on back roads and trekking in the great National Parks.  They are befriended by good Samaritans everywhere, the recipients of down home hospitality across the entire country, and a testament to the American Spirit.

Read along as the trio experiences Appalachian Spring, menacing creatures, the magnificent prairie and its extreme weather, the heights and breadth of the Rocky Mountains, the deep, dark boreal forests of the Northwest, the Pacific coast and California Redwoods, winding up in the Haight Ashbury of San Francisco, still in its heyday.  

To get back home, our gritty travelers and their story take an unusual turn, onto freight trains and more close encounters.

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Uphill and Into the Wind

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